February 27, 2019

10,000 Observations!

Congratulations on reaching the milestone of 10,000 observations in this project! Mollusks are a poorly-understood group of organisms, in terms of their distribution here in Florida, and your observations will aid conservation agencies with understanding where they are and where they might be. We would love to see more observations of freshwater mussels, especially, if anyone is looking for species to target.

Keep up the good work and happy mollusking,

  • Pete Kleinhenz
    FWC Interpretive Writer & Planner

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October 18, 2017


Welcome to FWC’s Nature Tracker program! If you’ve joined this project, you’re officially on the team. Every observation that you submit moves us closer to an understanding of what species we share our state with and where they may be found. We appreciate your help with enhancing our ability to conserve Florida’s natural heritage.

Interested in volunteering to serve as a project curator? Please email floridanaturetrackers@myfwc.com for further details.

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