June 10, 2021

April 29, 2021

2021 City Nature Challenge.

The City Nature Challenge is an international effort for people to find and document plants and wildlife in cities across the globe. It’s a bioblitz-style competition where cities are in a contest against each other to see who can make the most observations of nature, who can find the most species, and who can engage the most people.

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April 16, 2021

10 Fantastic Experiences Happening At California National Parks This Week.

April 17 is one of six free days offered every year in the park system
April 18 is Volunteers In Parks (VIP) Day, which highlights the important roles of volunteers in the parks
April 19 is Military Monday, an appreciation of active-duty and veteran members of the military
April 20 is Transformation Tuesday, exploring how the parks have changed over the years
April 21 is Wayback Wednesday, featuring the way parks preserve history and culture
On April 22, the NPS joins the rest of the world in celebrating Earth Day


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September 29, 2020

Country diary: art imitates nature to reveal the delicate beauty of moths.

Sarah Gillespie’s print exhibition captures the mystery of moths and on the day of our visit we are graced by a live specimen of spectacular colours


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September 04, 2020

California Biodiversity Week 2020-San Diego Natural History Museum

Celebrate California’s Natural Beauty!

Join us and our partners for a weeklong celebration of California Biodiversity Day, September 5 – 13.


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September 02, 2020

California Biodiversity Day 2020 - USFWS National Wildlife Refuges

Celebrate California Biodiversity Day 2020 at a National Wildlife Refuge. Visit a National Wildlife Refuge in California from September 5-13 and record any animals or plants you observe using the iNaturalist app.

Founded by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903 and administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Wildlife Refuge System is a diverse network of lands and waters dedicated to conserving America’s rich fish and wildlife heritage. Within California, 40 refuges across the state provide habitat for wildlife and recreational opportunties for people. To locate a refuge near you, go to https://www.fws.gov/refuges/visit/.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, this is a self-led bioblitz. Although most refuge and hatchery lands and outdoor spaces have remained open for the public to enjoy, we encourage you to:

Review our state-by-state update page and check local refuge and hatchery conditions before
Follow current CDC safe practices by maintaining a safe distance between yourself and other groups
Wear a cloth face mask/covering over the nose and mouth, especially when social distancing is
Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze
Most importantly, stay home if you feel sick


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August 27, 2020

California Biodiversity Day 2020 - California Natural Resources Agency

This year, we are excited to have many partners joining us to host California Biodiversity Day events from September 5 to September 13. Please check out the events below to see how you can participate in celebrating California Biodiversity Day 2020!


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August 21, 2020

California Biodiversity Day Events 2020

This year is the second celebration of California Biodiversity Day, which takes place every Sept 7th. Check out one of the iNaturalist projects planned for Sept 5-13th to learn more about California's unique biodiversity!


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August 19, 2020

California Biodiversity Day 2020

California Biodiversity Day 2020 celebrations will take place September 5-13 with a variety of programs highlighting the state’s exceptional biodiversity and encouraging actions to protect it. On September 10, join us for an online interactive session that will highlight California State Parks' work in protecting biodiversity.


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August 18, 2020

National Moth Week 2020

Dear National Moth Week Friends:
We’re happy to report that National Moth Week 2020 – our 9th annual – broke several records and attracted hundreds of new moth-ers.


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