Moth Week Competition 2021 - Announcement of Winners

It has been a progressive National Moth Week with 390 observations uploaded by 13 observers and over 100 species. Two contributors surpassing over 100 records.

The Winner of 2021 National Moth Week Competition is @chathuri_jayatissa
She has recorded 126 Observations and 106 different species.
Congratulations Chathuri !!!🏆🏆🏆

Runner up is @chathura_udayanga with 106 Observations and 96 different species.

Third place goes to @sasandulasithminaperera with 59 observations and 57 different species.

A copy of my book (A handbook to Moths of Sri Lanka vol.1 ) will be given to three highest species observers - Chathuri Jayathissa, Chathura Udayanga and Sithmina Perera as an appreciation for their ...more ↓

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Moths play an important role in the natural ecosystem as pollinators and as a part of the food chain. Help us to document moths in Sri Lanka by submitting your observations/photos of moths taken in Sri Lanka.

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