BioBlitz! / TürSay!

(Turkcesi altta)
Thank you all for participating in this prototype project. We have been looking for a Citizen Science Project (CSP) model that could be a part of a proposed natural history museum in Turkey. iNaturalist satisfies our expectations and has the potential to turn our everyday into a global/local = "Glocal" BioBlitz. The rest of this post will introduce what a BioBlitz is and will give details of it as a CSP model to the Turkish audience:

Inspired by Nature: A Collaborative Storytelling Project of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation from EOWilson Biodiversity Foundation on ...more ↓

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The Project aims to document biological diversity of Turkey.
Türkiye'nin biyolojik çeşitliliğini belgelemeyi amaçlayan bir vatandaş projesidir.

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