Common predators observed so far

-dragonflies (Odonata)
-robber flies (Asilidae)
-spiders (Araneae)

-praying mantis (Mantidae) - Prey being "shared" with Asilidae, unsure which insect captured prey. Independent of this case I have watched Mantidae take Odonata as prey. see:

-ants (Hymenoptera) - Unsure if ants seized and subdued prey while living, appropriated prey Asilidae discarded or any other number of possible options. see:

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Please feel free to join this project and add observations containing odonates as prey (whether or not they are the main subject of the observation).

The purpose of this project is to get aggregate records of odonate predation and with enough data eventually possibly draw some hypotheses or conclusions.

briangooding created this project on August 01, 2016
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