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Spring 2018 Virtual BioBlitz! End!

Hi everyone,
What an amazing month this has been! Here are our final counts for the month:

Observations - 5206
Species ------- 1253

Participants --- 81

Counties ------- 62

By every major account we have broken Spring BioBlitz! records! I want to thank every one of our many participants this year for making this year a smashing success. In particular we have the winners of our top participant categories:
Most research grade observations: @lmm3629
Most species observed: @ehjalmarson
Most identifications: @zdufran
Those three are eligible to choose from:
--Free BioBlitz! Oklahoma event registration (includes t-shirt)
--BioBlitz! kit (includes student quality insect net and ...more ↓

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Join us this spring for our virtual BioBlitz! event. This is a great way to get outside, engage with, and learn about the natural beauty that abounds during the spring. Whether you're a casual observer or Ph.D expert the collaborative nature of iNaturalist allows all submissions the opportunity to become research-grade data.

Observations must be made in the month of April within the ...more ↓

ethankelley created this project on January 25, 2018
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