Recording observations of newt roadkill other than Lexington

@merav, @newtpatrol, @anudibranchmom, @sea-kangaroo, @joescience1, @karangattu, @tyap:

Merav suggested that we have a project for recording newt roadkill other than those at Lexington. Robin posted ~120 observations from Henry Coe State Park this season - they are included in this project.

Merav, do you want to include the Chileno Valley newt roadkill too?

Right now I have the project boundaries set to San Francisco Bay Area. Merav, is this OK with you? If you join the project, I can make you a curator and then you can change the boundaries, if you want.

Posted by truthseqr truthseqr, June 13, 2021 20:08


Sounds good to me. I think there's no need to include Chileno Valley, as someone is already following that one. I thought this project could be useful to identify other problematic locations, such as, apparently, Coe Park.

Posted by merav about 1 year ago (Flag)

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