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I started the project "Plants of Central Oregon" to share my enthusiasm for plants and vegetation of Oregon's dry side, especially near my home in Central Oregon. I'd also like the project's Journal to be a place for discussion and learning about our local flora. I'll start with some Plant Identification Tips.

I hope others will want to contribute their own content to this Journal. If you're interested, let me know and I'll set you up with permissions. (iNaturalist doesn't let every project member write primary journal entries, but anyone can add comments!)

Hope you find this project useful and enjoyable!

Posted on November 29, 2020 05:30 AM by twainwright twainwright


Sorry to bother everyone, but I'm tagging the most frequent Central Oregon observers and identifiers to let you know about the new "Plants of Central Oregon" project. Hope you are interested!
@ckjannabirds @jnelson @pandg @bwester @penumbra @mreala @jfeathersmith @elliemcnairy @wanderlust69 @ronhalvy @cgates326 @damontighe @carexobnupta @oxalismtp @ajwright @sedgequeen @alex_abair @morganstickrod @aaronliston @adamschneider @birdwhisperer @lysandra

Posted by twainwright over 3 years ago

My name being listed here is proof that we don't have enough iNaters in the region! Looking at the project perimeters, the only observations in the region is from my trip in October when I just snapped pic after pic of junipers while in the passenger seat. :D Though I'm only an amateur at plant identification so I will join so I can hopefully identify plants in eastern Oregon.

Posted by birdwhisperer over 3 years ago

@birdwhisperer - your name came from the top IDers list, where you've contributed 189 plant IDs in the region! We certainly need as many IDers as we can get. Thanks!

Posted by twainwright over 3 years ago

Thanks for setting this up, I'll do my best to add to it!

Posted by wanderlust69 over 3 years ago

Oh, terrific! Thanks for getting this going!

Posted by jfeathersmith over 3 years ago

This is great!! I can’t wait to contribute and to learn from this group!

Posted by bwester over 3 years ago

Great effort Tom! Your enthusiasm and expertise are so helpful.

Posted by pandg over 3 years ago

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