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Reminder + Handouts (1 more day!)

Hi Prairie Blitz Attendees,

Thank you for your interest in joining our fun event at Glacial Heritage Preserve on this coming Saturday at 9:30 am! Just a quick reminder, please do read over the driving directions to the preserve under our EventBrite FAQ section--it can be pretty tricky since the entrance is on an unnamed road (Note: Do NOT input the preserve name in your GPS Apps; this takes you to the wrong area--I've made that mistake before!).

These handouts will be provided for you at the beginning of the event:



However, in case you wanted a head start, the Introduction Handout provides an itinerary, general background information, a map with key locations, and descriptions of the three teams you will choose from. The iNaturalist Handout ...more ↓

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Are you ready to team up with your local scientists and naturalists to document the amazing biodiversity of the Glacial Heritage Preserve?!

In the Prairie Blitz Series, you will be divided into teams focused on one of three sections of the preserve. Each team will be made up of 3–4 naturalist/scientist experts, 1 host/iNaturalist expert, and up to 8 members ...more ↓

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