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May 04, 2021

Prescott Farm Observation of the Month for April

The April Observation of the Month at Prescott Farm is this Eastern Newt in the Red Eft stage observed by WildQuest Campers during Spring Camp at Prescott Farm and photographed by @aspring.

Eastern Newts lay their eggs in water and are aquatic during their larval stage. As larva, they have feathery gills sticking out from the sides of their head and are a green color. Larva can only survive in water. As juveniles, Eastern Newts are terrestrial (live on land) and have a bright orange red color. During this life stage, they are also called Red Efts. Red efts make their homes in leaves on the forest floor and may travel great distances to new bodies of water. Some Eastern Newts remain in the juvenile or eft stage permanently, but most metamorphose into aquatic adults. The aquatic adults lose the bright orange color of the red eft stage and are most likely to be found in water, but they are still able to survive on land.

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