Carpe vernum!

Spring is finally (and quite literally) in the air! Here in New England, we are finally emerging from what felt like a long and rather weird winter. No huge snowfalls, but wildly oscillating precipitation and temperatures made for layers of snow and ice and frozen ground, and the last gray pile of a mix of all three of those on the edge of our driveway is finally melting away.
We appreciate all the porch light observations submitted from warmer climes, and are finally looking forward to adding some more observations from the Northeast (though keep the global contributions coming!). Most valuable are observations from urban (or urbanizing) areas, so please check out those lights on your way in and out of your respective abodes. And as Tom Bodett says in that hotel ad “we’ll leave the light on for you.”

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Thank you for contributing your observations to Project PorchLight, which hopes to help shine some light on nocturnal insect species diversity, abundance, emergence timing (phenology), with the capacity to relate species observations to land cover/land use, degree of urbanization, as well as things like "degree of urban light pollution" (through using output from an app like "Loss of the Night" ...more ↓

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