9th Annual Call for Amorous Alligator Lizards

Starting in spring of 2015, we have made an annual call for photos of alligator lizard mating behavior. Now in the 9th year of this research project, we still need your help in crowdsourcing the study of mating activity. With the western US experiencing the highest rainfalls in several decades, this is an especially interesting year, so please help us spread the word that we want photos of mating alligator lizards (Southern Alligator Lizards, Northern Alligator Lizards—we want them all; and observations of Madrean [aka Arizona] Alligator Lizard mating behavior in the fall—yes, they are fall breeders whereas the other species in the genus are spring breeders).

What does mating behavior look like? Here are some observations of mating behavior submitted to the RASCals project by iNat users in the last few weeks:
-@thatship21 (aka Becca Woods) observed ...more ↓

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