500,000 Observations for Science

What an amazing number, 500,000. There have now been more than half a million observations within San Diego County thanks to all of you.

Almost each of these holds some scientific value. Being a vacation destination with the San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park, Sea World and other places with captive animals and cultivated plants galore there are always those data points that argued if there if is any scientific value or not.

So please, keep those wild animal and plant observations coming. If you do include some captive or cultivated observations please mark them as so. And lets see how quickly we can get to ONE MILLION observations.

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San Diego County, California is one of the most diverse counties in the US. With the coastline of the Pacific Ocean, up over 5000 feet in the mountains and down to desert floor there are habitats for a great number living species to call home.

We hope to amass data of all living species in the county through your generous adding of personal observations.

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