Shark Watch an exciting new tool to share and collect knowledge about sharks

We are excited to share and collect information on sharks through the iNaturalist community with Shark Watch. We are adding human shark encounters, information on sharks in our shark tagging study in the San Francisco Bay and collecting observations of local sharks in the San Francisco Bay and adjoining Pacific waters.

This program will help the non profit Sea Stewards and the Shark Stewards project collect information on understanding and how to protect local sharks as well as raise information internationally.

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A citizen science approach to learning about local sharks, skates and rays, their distribution and range along the California Coastline (and the world too!) and to quantify recreational and commercial fishing. wants to harness shark photos as citizen-science observations and the Encyclopedia of Life needs shark photos under compatible creative commons licenses to illustrate species pages and build educational games about sharks. After adding your own shark photos, you can help us find more photos from social-networks like Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa. Click here to find out more!
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