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Posted by myles678 myles678, November 07, 2020 15:58



This story was one of the most memorable experiences that I have ever had in my life.
I was walking along the fence that separated one yard from another yard when all of a sudden, I saw something brown on the ground on the other side of the fence. At first, I thought it was some sort of trash (e.g. a paper bag), but when I took a closer look, I noticed that it was a baby White-tailed Deer! It lay there for quite some time and I wasn't sure if it was dead or not. After a long time, it suddenly got up and started walking towards the forest that led to a nearby park making this noise: Maaaa, maaaa. It was adorable to watch, and I think it got up because it was hungry. I hope it survived. This encounter reminded me of an experience that a British cameraman named Mark Smith had when he went to Pakistan to get footage of Snow Leopards. He was the second cameraman to attempt this and spent all Christmas in the mountains without any luck. But, as Sir David Attenborough said, "it was a much happier new year." Mark had seen a leopard-shaped rock on a ridge, and when he looked through binoculars, he noticed that it was a mother leopard! Well, that's my first story. Bye!

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@imladris can we make post with you stories?

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This has happened many times before.

Every winter a flock (or two) of Canada geese land into our neighbor's yard. they sleep in the nearest city to us, (Washington D.C.), at least they go there in the evening. usually they come so early that I'm still in bed when I hear them honking in the air, I get out of bed as quickly as I can, so I can see their majestic landing. I've always thought of them as king of the geese, they land so smoothly that It's like they're swans landing on water. That's the story.

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