Progressive list of fish species proved by photos to be clients of Western Cleaner Clingfish in SA

I'm new at this aspect of iNat so it might be the wrong place to start this list.
No worries if so.
Wrt criteria for adding a client species, I'm only going to include species for which I personally have images showing direct contact with one or more western cleaner Clingfish. Perhaps later I could look at the practicalities of including species for which I don't have supporting images but other divers do (issues including consent, links etc deter me at present).
Preamble: I've been interested in temperate marine fish cleaning for several decades now, but apart from sporadic articles posted by me or by Steve Reynolds (including on my behalf by editing snippets I have sent Steve or he's read as comments under sundry observations which I have flagged for his interest) and some of his own experiences and results of his internet searches) on the MLSSA website, I've done virtually no analyses of the accumulated data.
This is a start!
Nb: not in any order, ...more ↓

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Gather in one easily accessible place potentially informative images taken in South Australia of cleaner hosts and interactions with clients.
MLSSA Inc. has long held an interest in temperate cleaners and clients as a quick browse of our MLSSA website will confirm.
However in terms of research into temperate marine cleaning and indeed many other scientific and educational aspects, the ...more ↓

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