April 17, 2019

Baby Western Gray Squirrel

After hearing a branch-crunching crash on April 9th, and a chattering mother squirrel, a newborn was found on the garden floor beneath a bay tree. We fixed a straw-filled box and placed it up on the shed underneath the tree, out of reach of kindergarteners, chickens and Zinnia the garden kitty.

Mom didn't return by later afternoon, so the infant went to the Wild Rescue hospital in Cotati.

A recent update indicated #234 is doing well, eating 5 times a day.

We will call again on Friday for the latest news. The kids want to know if the baby's eyes are open yet and how much he/she is eating.

We are also hoping the squirrel can be released in the school garden when ready.

Stay tuned.

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March 27, 2019

Exploring The Outdoor Classroom

Today the 6th graders explored the outdoor classroom area looking for wildlife to photograph. What layers of life we found! In just a few minutes: Mushrooms, vinca, clovers, thistles, deadnetttle, jerusalem crickets, lichens etc. The students added over 20 photos to the project and are keeping their eyes out for more.

And later in the garden, after a pollinator honeybee talk with the second graders, we found a beneficial bee bumbling about on the borage. And, tons of ants under a rock.

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March 24, 2019

West Side Life - The Beginning

This is the place to find and gather any and all photos of West Side Life - sans students and faculty and parents. Here: animals, wildlife, birds, plants, wildflowers, insects, reptiles etc photographed at West Side Elementary.. While over 100 pics have been entered to start the momentum, this Spring calls for more photography wouldn't you say?

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