June 06, 2018

Welcome to WildPaths Maritimes!

We are excited to announce the launch of ‘WildPaths Maritimes’, an SCI partnership program coordinated by the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Our goal for this project is to use data collected to enhance conservation and improve safety for both wildlife and people in the Chignecto Isthmus Linkage Area. The program is modelled and named after the Cold Hollow to Canada ‘WildPaths’ program, which in turn is based on the Maine Audubon's Road Watch project. Bridget Butler and the Cold Hollow to Canada board have been very helpful and encouraging; sharing their brand and all of their support materials!

We welcome reports on wildlife anytime and anywhere in the Maritimes on iNaturalist, but we are also looking volunteers to Adopt a Roadway in the Chignecto Isthmus (Moncton NB to Truro NS). You may pick a section of road that you travel frequently whether by walking, biking or driving and make monthly reports within season to the WildPaths Maritimes Project. For information on volunteering please contact Courtney Thompson at 1-877-231-4400 or Courtney.Thompson at natureconservancy.ca

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