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July 19, 2015

1,000 observations and counting!

This was supposed to be a quick update and celebration of the fact that we have passed through our first major milestone of 1,000 observations for Zavamaniry Gasy, but, at the time of writing we are now well on our way to another thousand with 1,323 observations registered. So, well done to all, especially the KMCC team who have contributed to and curated the project.

Also, a big welcome to new members and for all those either contributing new observations of Malagasy plants or for adding identifications.

So, time to delve a little deeper into the statistics. Here is a quick summary:

1) Just over a fifth of observations are 'Research' grade

2) Orchids are by a long way the most observed family:

3) Humid and Western dry Forests are the most observed vegetation types:

4) Observations are growing at a steady rate:

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