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Krefftii has a double f.

markmcg on 2017-10-15 | loarie on 2017-12-21
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@loarie This is one of those weird ones:

D Hoese, AFD:

Note that the species has typically been called Bathygobius krefftii on the assumption that it was named after Gerard Krefft. However, Steindachner (1866, 1867) consistently used the spelling of kreftii and did not indicate for whom he named the fish. Also newspaper articles of the period often spelled Gerard Krefft's name as Kreft (see for example Launceston Examiner, 3 May 1866). Under ICZN rules, a spelling error must be able to be determined from information within the article. Because Steindachner did not indicate the origin of the name, the spelling krefftii is an incorrect spelling. However, we have been unable to find any usage of kreftii since Steindachner (1867) other than Eschmeyer (1998), and it is clear that the name Bathygobius krefftii is in prevailing usage and meets 33.3.1 of the International Commission of Zoological Nomenclature (1999), which states "when an incorrect subsequent spelling is in prevailing usage and is attributed to the publication of the original spelling, the subsequent spelling and attribution are to be preserved and the spelling is deemed to be a correct original spelling". Consequently we retain the name krefftii.

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