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Langs: EN: main language. ES: mi idioma natal, pero me cambie a los EEUU cuando era joven, y mi vocabulario y ortografia en español son absolutamente terribles. FR: Je peux lire assez bien, mais je manque de pratique pour communiquer en français. J'ai trop de flemme pour apprendre a ecrire en clavier avec des accents. PT: Consigo ler, mas praticamente não consigo produzir português. Tive que traduzir isso usando o google. E muito raro, eu acho que deveria poder produzir o portugues muito melhor. Eu penso que o espanhol interfere.

David is a guy who doesn't understand why people think illeism in profile pages is a good idea, and just finds it a little pretentious and annoying. He will therefore stop doing it now....

I'm a pretty generalist biology/science nerd. I just love too many things... so I rarely stick with any particular thing for very long, since there's always a million other groups to draw my attention. Having said that, I guess I'm a bit of a bio hipster. I usually find myself drawn to the unusual, neglected, feared, and the weird. The wackier it is, the better! I love parasitic plants (and parasites in general), slime molds, fungi (esp. Phallus sp! who doesn't love a nice good Phallus? Send me all your Phallus pics!), spiders, branchiopods, galls, diseases, microbes, and so on. I also have a fondness for hybrids. However, that doesn't necessarily mean I know much about them or am able to ID them. I am but a mere human, and my puny monkey brain is incapable of cramming that many things inside it. As such, I'm utterly useless with some of those groups, but I like them nonetheless and would love to know more about them. Point is, I just LOVE noticing and appreciating (hell, oftentimes even just knowing the existence of) things that others don't. Once you break away from the cute little bunnies and the big flashy flowers, studying nature becomes like falling down a spiraling fractal of infinite complexity and beauty. It can be confusing, bewildering, daunting, and sometimes even a little scary... but damn is it exhilarating and truly awesome, in every sense of the word. That's not to say that cute little bunnies don't make my heart burst into a million pieces, but unshackling yourself from the things everyone can see and appreciate is very freeing. There are fascinating things EVERYWHERE, you don't need to find a baby duck to find happiness.

Anyway, I never know what to say in profile pages, and I have a tendency to "overthink", "overanalyze" and "ramble" (which annoys... ehem... everyone...). As such, I'll leave it at that... I've had to refrain from going on a tangent about this thing or the other about 30 times already... but feel free to PM me or @ me with anything, if you dare.

Also, I would really really love to play a dead body in a series/movie. I just want to be on screen for like 5 seconds or whatever, just a random dead guy on the corner of the screen. I think it's absolutely hilarious.

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