ENGLISH: I'm an Italian entrepreneur working in San Francisco to create a new Internet based business. I have a "hidden" passion for botany, and everything in nature. I love to spend time in the field taking pictures of plants, flowers, and animals and trying to identifying everything I see. If you find a wrong ID in my collection of observations please do not hesitate to notify me. Thank you!

ITALIANO: Sono un imprenditore italiano, lavoro a San Francisco ad una nuova attivita' commerciale basata su Internet. Ho una passione nascosata per la botanica, e per tutto cio' che esite in natura. Amo trascorrere il mio tempo libero scattando fotografie di piante, fiori e animali, e provando ad identificare tutto cio' che vedo. Se vedi una identificazione sbagliata nella mia collezione di osservazioni non esitare a farmelo sapere. Grazie!

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folini's favorite taxa

Meadow Baby-blue-eyes - Photo (c) 2008 Keir Morse, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC-SA) CC
Meadow Baby-blue-eyes Info
Nemophila pedunculata is a common annual wildflower found throughout western North America. Its common names include littlefoot nemophila and meadow nemophila. (From Wikipedia)
Coast Indian Paintbrush - Photo (c) Franco Folini, some rights reserved (CC BY-SA) CC
Coast Indian Paintbrush Info
Castilleja affinis is a species of Castilleja known by the common name coast Indian paintbrush. (From Wikipedia)
Seep Monkeyflower - Photo (c) J Brew, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC-SA) CC
Seep Monkeyflower Info
Mimulus guttatus, the Common monkey-flower, is a yellow bee-pollinated annual or perennial herbaceous wildflower that grows along the banks of streams and seeps in western North America. (From Wikipedia)
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