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April 06, 2019

New taxa split from Lomatium grayi

The species in the genus Lomatium are notoriously difficult to identify. The shear number of species is the first obstruction to knowing this group. The morphological features needed to identify the in-hand specimen are multiple and both subtle and obscure.

New research into the Lomatium grayi has resulted in the publication of a revision.

Jason Andrew Alexander, Wayne Whaley, and Natalie Blain, J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas, volume 12, number 2, 20 Nov 2018 This revision has implications for L. grayi iNaturalist observation in Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. The majority of the observations in this region should be transferred to L. papilioniferum. However, in the area of the Columbia River Gorge and Klickitat County there is a mixture of L. papilioniferum and L. klickitatense. These two new taxa are recognized by the Oregon Flora Project and the Burke Herbarium. At this time these two new taxa are not recognized by iNaturalist. Once the new taxa are recognized the taxa change can not occur by a taxon swap as the two species are locally intermixed.

These observations require a review in order to place them in the correct taxa.

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