Nina Lester Finley

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Nina is a science journalist, sketch-note artist, and disease ecologist currently living in Indonesian Borneo. You can read about her work on Natural Selections,, and view her sketch-note art at

As a Watson Fellow, Nina spent a year collecting stories of collaborative survival among microbes, wildlife and humans in Brazil, Madagascar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Scotland and Nunavut. She envisions the Anthropocene Epoch as a microbial age defined by a shift in power to tiny, slimy life. Our best tools to flourish are protecting functioning ecosystems, cultivating curiosity, reducing economic inequality, and integrating human and ecosystem health through a Planetary Health paradigm.

Next year, she will study for an MSc in One Health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the Royal Veterinary College. Her favorite macrobes are geckos, lichens and mosses.

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