Gerry Salmon Curator

Resides in Boerne, Texas (Hill Country NW of San Antonio). From Rhinebeck, New York (Mid-Hudson Valley). Has lived in Florida and worked in South Carolina as a State Park Naturalist. Lifelong interest in herpetology. Interested in natural history, field biology and museum collections. Focus area has been the Edwards Plateau, Trans-Pecos and Big Bend area of Texas, and the Mexican Highlands (esp. Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt) and adjacent desert regions. Image taken in the Marathon Basin, Brewster County, Texas (November 2016) by Bill Holmstrom (while recording observation below).

I am one of the curators of "The Herps of Texas" project:

the "Herps of Florida" project:

and the "Amphibians and Reptiles of New England" project:

Recently started:

Many of my I-Naturalist records that have a corresponding preserved specimen have been cross referenced with the museum acronym (CM, CUSC, LSUMZ, NYSM, SRSU, TCWC, TNHC, UANL, UMMZ and UTA) and specimen number. I retain most salvageable DOR herps and submit them. If the record states "Imaged only" then only the image is available for that specimen (live specimen released or DOR not salvaged). Digital images have been cataloged at University of Texas at Arlington (UTA-DC) and color transparencies at University of Kansas (KU CT) and applicable I-Nat records have also been cross referenced to reflect those.

Currently assisting in a study of copperhead feeding biology of the two western Texas races (BBCs and TPCs) and am looking for observations of feeding, and behaviors such as foraging and ambush postures.

Recently I was honored to get the "Archer treatment" for talks at the Chicago Herp Society:

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