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So I am a member of the non profit charity group called Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas Inc. Our non-profit formed to protect, conserve and restore the ecosystems and biodiversity on a long-term basis at the two Saskatoon afforestation areas, [the 326 acre Richard St Barbe Baker Afforestation Area (RSBBAA) and the 147 acre George Genereux Urban Regional Park (GGURPP)]. The areas have 17 acres of marshlands as well as 143 acres of woodlands re-naturalized by tree planting. These two areas started as tree nurseries and were preserved in perpetuity by Saskatoon City Council There is value in conserving natural areas and the ecosystem functions of wetlands and forested areas. Such green infrastructure provides a wide array of benefits towards climate change, to people and wildlife. Under direction from the City of Saskatoon and the Meewasin Valley Authority, citizen science bioblitzes are beneficial to learn about the ecosystem at the afforestation areas. These bio-blitzes were planned and then post-poned when COVID-19 came along. The MVA and the CoS have plans to conduct a professional ecological assessment as well. Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area (Baker Area Eco-Quest project) and George Genereux Urban Regional Park (Genereux Park Eco-Quest project). Email

Thank you for your help on iNaturalist, indeed. Greatly appreciated.

In the field away from wi-fi service, that my phone drains the battery super quickly when the app looks up a suggested name for an observation. By typing in the Kingdom that the phone stays charged a while longer, and then when after getting back home, delve into the observation naming and identification. Pocket guides are wonderful for local species of plants, however do not give as many species as Flora of North American taxonomic charts / iNaturalist. Thank you to look at the wonderful suggestions proferred by folks who have done this iNaturalist previously. Taxonomic keys go hand in hand with the delving into a few glossaries along the way! ;-)

I will have to keep my eyes open for other helpful web sites, books and resources.-Julia

North American iNaturalist Guides
Helpful journals, guides, tips from iNat users
iNaturalist Journal of Mary Krieger
iNaturalist Nathan Taylor "Links I Use a Lot"
iNaturalist "What to photograph" When it comes to a plant which is unknown, which plant parts should be photographed to help to create an identification

Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre iNaturalist Project


*** Biota of North America Program BONAP USDA

***Colin's Virtual Herbarium (based out of Regina SK)

*** Discover Life | All living things | Lichens USID

***Facebook Plant Identification

*** Facebook Saskatchewan Native Plants - Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan

***Fire Effects Information System

*** Flora of North America

***Integrated Taxonomic Information System ITIS

*** Key to the major groups and families of vascular plants in Alberta (illustrated)

*** Minnesota Wildflowers

*** Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan resources

*** Nature Saskatchewan Resources

*** Saskatoon Nature Society Resources

***Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre Species lists

*** Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Action Plan PCAP resources

*** Sask Wildflowers

***Trees, insects and diseases of Canada's forests

*** University of Saskatchewan Virtual Herbarium of Plants at Risk -->If a genus contains a species at risk, the taxonomic key for the genus is given

*** USDA Plant Database

*** Vascular plants of Canada VASCAN

***Western Wild Flowers book online

Boreal Forest

Nature SK Book: Sedges (Carex) of Saskatchewan

*** Boletes of California

***Facebook Fungus Identification

***Facebook Mushroom Identification Group

***Facebook Saskatchewan Mycological Working Group

***Main features for identifying a mushroom

***Mushroom Expert

***Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre Species lists

*** Trial field key to the BOLETES in the Pacific Northwest

***Wisconsin State Herbarium -->Mycology collections portal

***Boreal Forest Lichens

***Facebook Lichen Identification and Appreciation

*** Lichenland

***Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre Species lists

*** USDA About Lichens

*** Wisconsin State Herbarium Lichen Portal --> Lichen Portal

The Mosses of Saskatchewan Part 5 from Biodiversity SK

Mosses of the Prairies of West Central Canada by C.D. Bird.

Nature SK Book Ferns and Fern Allies of Saskatchewa


Vertebrate and Invertebrate Species.
***Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre Species lists

Saskatchewan Herptiles Guide on iNaturalist by SCDC

Saskatchewan Mammals Guide on iNaturalist by SCDC

Birds Aves:
Ebird: by region or by hotspot

MacCauley Library by Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Saskatoon Nature Society Field Checklist of Saskatchewan Birds

Bug Guide

Saskatoon Nature Society Checklist of Checklist of Dragonflies and Damselflies in the Saskatoon Area and Checklist Saskatoon Area Butterflies

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