118 Dead; no live ones seen

January 28, 2019 (Monday)
I found 118 fresh newt carcasses on Alma Bridge Rd. within 2 hours this morning. I didn’t find any last Wednesday, so I thought there wouldn’t be any dead today (we haven’t had any rain all week), but I was wrong.
See: https://www.inaturalist.org/calendar/truthseqr/2019/1/28

I also photographed 14 decomposed carcasses, but didn't add them to the project. It wasn't clear in the field if these were new or old roadkill.

Coverage: (~40%) St. Joseph’s Hill OSP to a little past Douglas B. Miller Memorial; SCC Water Co. entrance to a little past Soda Springs Rd.

Rainfall: No rain in the past 5 days since I did the last roadkill count.

Traffic: Regular traffic was light this morning – only a few cars and pickups. However, there were the usual 6-10 heavy gravel trucks travelling to and from the Vulcan Materials quarry. I didn’t see any bikers or hikers and only one jogger.

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