108 Dead Newts; no live ones seen

January 30, 2019 (Wednesday)
I found 108 fresh Pacific newt carcasses on Alma Bridge Rd. within 2 hours this morning. I also photographed 33 partially decomposed carcasses for the decomposition study.
See: https://www.inaturalist.org/calendar/truthseqr/2019/1/30

Coverage: (~45%) I covered the southern half of Alma Bridge Rd. and the short section before and after the stop sign that wasn’t covered on Monday.

Rainfall: No rain in the past 8 days.

Traffic: A few cars and pickups, one large petrol truck, a UPS truck, two bicyclists. There’s not nearly as much traffic on the southern part of Alma Bridge Rd.

Posted by truthseqr truthseqr, January 31, 2019 05:04


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