Finishing Strong!

Hi lizard scientists!

There are only 10 days left of the 2018/19 Lizards on the Loose , and so far you have recorded over 2,220 observations of anoles to our iNaturalist project. This is absolutely amazing!! We’re desperate to break our record from last year (2,240 iNat observations), so keep those submissions coming! We also wanted to send out two quick reminders:

1) Each school is required to submit at least 50 observations to the Lizards on the Loose 2018 project to get full credit. Along with the other requirements for this Challenge (which you can reference here:, the deadline for iNaturalist submissions to count towards this total is Wednesday, April 10 at 5:00 pm . We absolutely encourage you to all continue submitting observations to iNaturalist after that (and we’ll continue to be there to help with IDs!), but April 10th is a hard deadline for this part of the Challenge.

2) We’ve noticed that some school accounts seem to have made more observations on iNaturalist than they have submitted to the project. Currently, observations submitted to iNaturalist but which are not in the project do not count towards your total. You need to add them to the Lizards on the Loose 2018 project to get full credit! Click this link to check the project leaderboard of to see how many observations have been officially submitted to the project from your account: If an observation hasn’t been added to the project, it is really easy to do this now. You only need to edit the observations, add the perch data for the observation (was the lizard found on a natural or human-made structure), and submit it to the project. Click this link for instructions on how to do this so you get the full credit you deserve!:

As always, if any questions or issues come up, you can message us on iNaturalist (@cthawley and @james_stroud_lizardsontheloose) and we’ll do our best to help. Happy lizard spotting!

Chris and James

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