Newt Survey 12/17 - South half

Coverage: South half of Alma Bridge Road, from the Aldercroft intersection to the stop sign. Two people searching.
Time: 9:30 - 11:30 am
Rainfall: 0.0 so far today, 7.3" MTD, 10.15" YTD via Weather Cat
Vehicles: 19 cars, all at normal speeds, yay.
No pedestrians or bicycles
Live Newts: 0
Dead Newts: 101, none fresh
Other species: (1) Jerusalem Cricket, (2) rodent sp., (1) Ensatina sp. based on head shape

Posted by anudibranchmom anudibranchmom, December 18, 2019 00:37



Hey everyone. I'm a little confused about scheduling patrols. For a while now I've been on the Google calendar for today (12/18) to do half the road, and @merav the other half. And then I see in the journal posts that @anudibranchmom did the south half yesterday. A big thanks to you, @anudibranchmom for doing that! But then does that mean that I shouldn't go out today? Or maybe I can join @merav to make doing the north side easier, since a lot of newts might be moving in this rain (but I won't make it for a 9am start, if that's what you're still doing...)

Should we be using the Google calendar as the authoritative source for scheduling? If so, does everyone know about it and have access to it? If not, what's the best way to help us be efficient and avoid duplication?

Posted by newtpatrol 2 months ago (Flag)

Sorry, @newtpatrol. I only read this now. Would have loved to do it together today, as it was quite miserable...
I use the calendar to announce what I'm doing, and also to learn what others are doing. I was also a bit confused when I saw these observations today.

Posted by merav 2 months ago (Flag)

I added my planned trip for 12/17 at least two weeks prior to going - is it not visible on the calendar? I can see it... but maybe I've goofed somehow since I usually use outlook?
I have signed up for a Newt Patrol (North half) on Friday, Jan 3, at 9:00 am; can everyone see this one on the calendar?

Posted by anudibranchmom 2 months ago (Flag)

No, @anudibranchmom, neither of them are visible, at least to me, on the Google calendar. Check to see if you've added it to the "Alma Bridge Newt Patrol" calendar, and not your personal calendar. It's easy to add it to your own, thinking it's been added to a different one, I've definitely done that before.

And sorry it was so miserable, @merav! Especially since that probably means there were lots of fatalities.

Posted by newtpatrol 2 months ago (Flag)

There were 151 yesterday, last week I had 235, so not as many, but still so many dead newts in one day.
Such a nice day today, though!

Posted by merav 2 months ago (Flag)

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