City Nature Challenge iNaturalist courses - Cape Town

iNat training sessions by either Tony, Megan or Ilhaam

Venue: Kirstenbosch Research Centre Seminar Room

Tues 4th
Thurs 13th

Tues 3rd 31st
Thurs 5th 19th
Evening Tues 17th Thurs 19th

Tues 7th 14th 21st
Thur 2nd 9th 16th
Evening Tues 14th Thurs 16th

ID course - Wed - 15th

If you wish to organize courses for your own group, you will need at least 5 attendees. Courses will be open to other parties to a maximum of 20 people, and a minimum of 10. Please post your requests in comments below. Courses with less than 10 attendees will be cancelled. Please RSVP on the Facebook events page, and follow instructions there. .

Courses are also planned by CREW staff at
Blouberg, Tygerberg, Helderberg, Kommetjie - venue and dates to be determined.

City of Cape Town will be running courses aimed at staff (and selected CREW) in reserves, libraries and

9am start for smartphone course. Come with iNaturalist preloaded onto phone and having joined iNaturalist. Duration 1 hour. If you are having problems come at 08h30: and we will sort you out before the course begins.

11am start of iNaturalist on the web course, sign up before and join iNaturalist. If you are having problems come at 10h30. Duration 2 hours.

10am start for CNC ID course, must have attended one of the other courses first. Duration 1 hour.

Evening courses. 6pm for cellphone 7 pm for web (no ID course)

Course to Cover:

• Making an observation
• Doing lots of pictures
• Zooming in
• Observe and leave IDs for after
• Adding projects
• Saving
• Working offline with autoupload off and ID suggestions off
• Battery and saving power + auxillary packs
• Extras: macro lenses, sounds,
• Uploading at night
• Check for updates until 4 May and respond
• Questions

Web course:
• Taking photos
• Doing mapwork (tricks: tracks on smartphone or GPS, inserting exif)
• Cropping and checking
• Uploading observations
• Adding projects and data
• Checking.
• Checking data and uploads
• Helping with IDs
• Homework: planning for the CNC.

ID courses:
• Using the Identify curation tool.
• Stages of identification: how they change thro’ as we progress & when you can help most
• What not to do, and what works best
• ID Parties
• Staying in touch with progress and adapting your strategy

Posted by tonyrebelo tonyrebelo, January 28, 2020 18:56


Any chance of a transcript for ID

when you can help most
• What not to do, and what works best


Posted by dianastuder almost 2 years ago (Flag)

Yes, I will put something together, but only in March.



Posted by tonyrebelo almost 2 years ago (Flag)

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