COVID19 and the City Nature Challenge.

At this stage, in Cape Town, we will be going ahead with all our activities, in the hope that the crises will be largely over by the end of April.

However, we will take interim measures. We are restricting iNaturalist courses to a maximum of 10 people. Please book early.
If you are participating, please do NOT attend if you are running a temperature, have a sore throat or any cold or flu symptoms. Please self-isolate for a week, and attend one of the later courses - we will have more when the epidemic is spent.

There is the online course: please have a look at it, and see if perhaps you dont even need to attend a personal course:

We will make decisions about the actual event much closer to the actual time. Meantime -

Lila, Alison, and Amy have sent the following advice:

"We know COVID-19 is affecting many of our CNC cities, some much more than others. We have chosen not to cancel the event this year, however we know the event will be impacted by this global pandemic.

Here are some of our thoughts about how to carry on with the City Nature Challenge. We defer to you, the organizers, to make decisions that are in keeping with your governments, organizations, and communities.

Research shows that being in nature is very healing, and has been proven to decrease cortisol levels, blood pressure and pulse rate, and overall increase feelings of well being. Let's channel these positive aspects of the City Nature Challenge in this time of disease. "

Their communique continues (lightly edited for southern Africa):

• We will follow the guidelines/recommendations of for South Africa. For the time being this will be
. o We will limit numbers to a maximum of 10 people for training courses.
. o Events over the challenge weekend will also be restricted to 10 participants - but we will ask organizers to contemplate more slots.
. o Please if you have any symptoms of a high temperature, fever, sore throat, tight chest or difficulty breathing, please self-isolate yourself and dont attend any events. If you develop symptoms within 5 days of an event, please notify the event organizer.

• However, you do not have to take part in events to take part in the City Nature Challenge.

. o There are animals and plants and fungi in your housees and gardens. Please record these for the challenge.
. o You can encourage animals into your garden: put up moth lights or insect/bird feeders (nectar, fruit or seeds) to help bring nature to you!
. o You can still walk your dog, walk with family and friends outside, and in our green belts, open spaces and nature reserves - you do not need to join big events - our experts will still be on hand at their computers to help you with identifications, so the interactions will still be possible (and without any disease risks)
. o We will emphasize the "outside" parts of our courses. We will keep the indoor parts are short as possible;
. o The maximum number of people is 10 participants;
. o We will practice social distancing, staying at least 2m apart;
. o Please bring your own drinks and own food - we wont supply cutlery and crockery in an attempt to indirect contact;
. o Please bring hand (and face) sanitizers or tissues. We will clean surfaces prior to each event.
. o Don’t pass around binoculars, phones, field guides, notes, and so forth: bring your own gear and dont share it.
. o Please join or virtual ID parties! Most of us will be working from home from 28 April to 3 May anyway, so join us online;
. o If you are not feeling well, please reduce your CNC activities - your and other people's safety is paramount and we will have another opportunity in 2021.

. o And yes, if you are unfortunate to get ill during the challenge, you may post your symptoms as an observation. We hope that your illness will be mild and the inconvenience minimal.

And, please keep your fingers crossed that the emergency will be well over before the City Nature Challenge takes place. We will review our participation and plans as the epidemic unfolds, so please keep an eye on this News page.

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All courses are now cancelled.

Activities are restricted to our homes, but we can be active there.

Document anything that you see! What lives in your home and garden?
If you can help us with identifications (e.g. you have a particular group that you are knowledgeable in - or what to know more about), please do. An intro to the ID tool, which curates your work for you, can be found here: - please help!

It is going to be three very long weeks of lockdown. If you have any fun ideas of what we can do on iNaturalist during this period (or indeed during the CNC 2020 should the lockdown be extended), please tell us below!
for instance:

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