Recurved, Retrorse, Reflexed/Refracted

I got out my terminology book (finally) which has images of all three terms. If I get time to find better images, or scan the book images which are good, I'll update them. At least this way I can find them again!

Recurved - curved backward like a bow.
Ex: The petals of this Lilium sp

Retrorse - directed or downward or backward
Ex: The hairs on the stem of this grass

Reflexed or Refracted - Bent backward or downward
Ex: The petals of this flower

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Here’s some more Kim:
rewind (obsolete) a term formerly applied to vhs tapes that involved setting the tape inside back to its starting position
relapse (why I got kicked out of alanon)
redox (chemical reaction in which oxidation states of atoms are changed)
repeat (how I handle my mistakes); what I’ll probably end up doing in o chem
reticulated (markings resembling a net pattern/network of lines)
okay i’ll stop befouling you’re posts. sorry :)

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(I could literally watch Nathan do this all day.)

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@kimberlietx, I do the Nathan thing a lot when it comes to Tarleton @catenatus :)

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How about retrousse' (as in a turned-up nose)?

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