Second shipment planted!

March 19th, 2021. It was another lovely Kansas day - the last day of a very long COVID winter. I took the afternoon off to plant the latest shipment of seedlings from Missouri Department of Conservation [10 Northern Red Oak, 10 Chinkapin oak and 10 Ninebark shrubs (Physocarpus opulifolius)]. Since I purchased the shipment out of my own pocket, I planted the first red oak seedling in my own yard to replace the Bradford pear that I removed last fall. The rest replenished the 2020 plantings foraged by deer in the center of the path near the American plum thicket (Prunus Americana). Eight of the Chinkapin oak were planted along the path just east of that and two were given to Pam Barry for her back yard on the north side of the greenbelt. Five of the ninebark were planted on the east end of the Greenbelt flanking the stream on both sides of the path. I was forced to wrangle some residual honeysuckle I missed last fall to clear the area. Three were planted on the west end - one in my yard. I offered another to neighbor, Mike Irwin (former HOA President), who provided some plastic guards to secure the new seedlings from additional foraging. The last went to Pam's yard to help enhance the north side of the natural area. A quick inventory revealed budding Chokecherry, elderberry and wild currant. The black cherry planted in the center of the greenbelt survived in spite of foraging and shows great promise for the spring growth.

I'm looking forward to beginning my inventory of progress in the coming season!

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