Last day to observe organisms for the challenge!

Good morning CNCSOFLO team!

Hope you have enjoyed observing all kinds of plants and critters throughout this weekend! Remember though, you can still observe more stuff today (the observing period of the challenge runs from Friday to Monday!)

Another thing to consider is that we have until Sunday, May 9th to post the observations we took between Friday and today. In other words, if you took some photos yesterday and didn't have time to post them to the iNaturalist website or app, you still have some time!

Something I will be talking more about tomorrow is identifications... You can help with that too (if you know some of the flora and fauna here in South Florida!) IDs can be added very quickly and efficiently by using the identify feature on the website and you can filter the observations to only include certain types of organisms (for example, you can just try to ID insects- or maybe corals- if that's what you know best). I gave an example of how this works during my iNaturalist presentation for the Dade chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society and you can see that here:
Feel free to comment below or e-mail me at if you have any questions!
Thanks for all you do and please get some more photos before 11:59PM tonight to help boost our numbers :-)


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