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April 19, 2021

Less than 2 weeks till the CNC!

April 30th is creeping up on us pretty quickly! We hope you are as excited as we are about documenting biodiversity all over South Florida. Are you curious about what you might find in your area? The good news is you can get a really good idea by using the "Explore" feature of the iNaturalist website or app. There are many different ways to look through the data and it's a great way to get inspired to find all kinds of organisms around you. If you are new to iNaturalist and want to learn more, clicking around the website is a good start but you can also check this PDF out:
Another good resource is available here:

If you use instagram, make sure to check out our page @CNCSOFLO
We're also on facebook:
And we also have a website:

Please spread the word to any nature lovers you know as we really need this to be a team effort to really showcase how many species we have here and how much we care about our nature :-D

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