[en español abajo] This project spanned four years ending mid-2021. In that time we identified over 1100 species on this 2.5 hectare former coffee farm at elevation 740m. But some conspicuous species remained unknown: an invasive tall-growing aster, a group of woody vine-like shrubs known locally as pabellon, and various grasses. Some plant species are only known by their genus. There is an occasional new insect arrival at porch lights, and there are some regular visitors we’ve never precisely identified.

The forest canopy that was dominated by Inga edulis (guama) from the days as a coffee farm, was decimated by droughts in 2015 and late 2018, but had above-average rain in 2019 and 2020. A more mixed canopy is developing with Cecropia schreberiana (guarana) and Guarea guidonia (cabima) conspicuous. Understory trees are mixed with much Hamelia pat., and increasing populations of Cupania amer., Citharexylum frut., and Bunchosia gland. About 25% of the property is ...more ↓

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