obscured coordinates

If you are tagged in this, you may not have trusted the FNAI tracked species project. (We’re sorry for any inconvenience and/or if you view this as spam, but it’s not possible for us to find out for sure what your settings are and this is important to our conservation efforts.) The reason that this is an issue is that some observations for taxa having “taxon geoprivacy” have been given a >29 kilometer positional accuracy, even if you have not personally obscured the locations, which makes them much less useful for our purposes. If you would change your setting as detailed below, we will be able to obtain accurate coordinates from your observations, although please note that this will not make them display accurately on the map for anyone except FNAI staff, so no one else will be able to deduce the true coordinates. If you would be willing to help us out with this by checking your setting for this and changing if needed, we would really appreciate it, as this will greatly ...more ↓

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