Q: How will my identifications be counted?
A: We will ask the iNaturalist API how many identifications participants made during the event time period. Since the API does not know how many of those IDs went onto unknowns or kingdom-level observations, we will loosely estimate such totals simply by comparing how many of those observations exist before and after the event.

Q: How will the results be posted?
A: In the project journal we will share the results of the collaborative effort: totals in each category from all project members. Your personal results will be sent to you by direct message. If you would like to compare you rate of IDs before and after the blitz, you can check your average IDs per day here.

Q: What do I get if I win?
A: Trick question! This is purely a collaborative event and not a competition. The only prize we offer is new connections ...more ↓

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Welcome to ID-Blitz for December 10-11, 2021.

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