It's HATTRICK time!

So, here's something new for you guys - being a bit different from the 'classic' search for species:

As I am a fan of challenges, I have this going on as a personal quest for some time already, and I wonder why I didn't come up with the idea of promoting it in this group earlier.

Here's the mission: Find three plants of the same genus at the same spot (i.e. visible in one photo).

Too easy, so I exclude it here, is the 'Trifolium-triplet'.
So, for a start, to successfully participate in this challenge, either find three Acer or three Plantago species at the same spot. I managed to find both of these combinations already twice, so it should be doable. Bonus points, if the plants even touch each other 🥰

If you find other combinations, they will be evaluated by me whether they count or not 👨🏻‍🏫

On top of that, I created a new project: Go check out the Similar species in the same photo project and add your findings (not restricted to plants).

Hope you like the idea!

Posted by carnifex carnifex, August 28, 2020 14:24


Posted by mobbini 11 months ago (Flag)

Hello, I took a picture of an Acer triplet (all wild, maybe I can include a fourth species) in our garden. I took a picture that is not that great, as the foliage is missing too much and I lack a bit of depth of field. I will try to upload the picture in the next few days.

Posted by knuttutgut 11 months ago (Flag)

@knuttutgut Hi, are the Acers uploaded meanwhile? Then Hattrick-Master @carnifex can take a look at them :)

I have now two Acer triplets (+further links in description), (+ further links in description). It was really fun to tour the forest with this new topic in mind, after finishing with the first triplet I had problems to defocus and my eyes continued to check the vicinity of each Acer leave for related compagnons :-)

I now hope for Stellaria and springtime, or maybe some springtails in the winter.

Posted by mobbini 10 months ago (Flag)

nice, and also aesthetic :)

Posted by carnifex 10 months ago (Flag)

Hello mobbini,
I´m sorry for the delay... Today I took a closer look at the pictures. Only two species can be seen really well. I think I have to wait for the next vegetation period. But within a radius of 25m I found: A. platanoides, A. pseudoplatanus, A. campestre and A. saccharinum. A picture of just the foliage would not be a problem ;-)

Posted by knuttutgut 10 months ago (Flag)

ähem just the foliage is a well known and acceptable trick :-D ... and 5 Acer species is awesome!

Posted by mobbini 10 months ago (Flag)

Where do you count 5 species? "A. picture" is not a maple species :-D

Posted by carnifex 10 months ago (Flag)

:-D I really have to clean my eyes

Posted by mobbini 10 months ago (Flag)
Posted by knuttutgut 10 months ago (Flag)

no cheating? ;-)

Posted by carnifex 10 months ago (Flag)

That's why I asked if foliage is ok. Next year i'll verify with pictures of foliaged trees ;-)

Edit: for the sake of honor... New picutre added. I hope this one is better :-D However, A. campestre stands a few meters away.

Posted by knuttutgut 10 months ago (Flag)

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