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October 24, 2017

New native orchid species described

As summarised in the NZ Native Orchid Journal, No. 145, August 2017, there have been recent formal descriptions of new orchid species recognised as native to New Zealand, including:

Corybas confusus Lehnebach (was tagged C. "roundleaf")
Corybas dienemus D.L.Jones (similar or may be the same as C. "rest area")
Corybas obscurus Lehnebach (was tagged C. "darkie")
Corybas sanctigeorgianus Lehnebach (was tagged C. "trisept")
Corybas vitreus Lehnebach (was tagged C. “eastern hills”)
Corybas walliae Lehnebach (was tagged C. “triwhite”)
Gastrodia cooperae Lehnebach & J.R.Rolfe (was tagged G. “long column black”)
Gastrodia molloyi Lehnebach & J.R.Rolfe (was tagged Gastrodia “long column")

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