Taxon swap aaaaaa 48px Taxonomic Swap 23462 (Committed on 2017-12-12)

As pointed out by @mhedin, Palpatores is not really a suborder. It's a clade that sits between order and suborder, and that's not a position that we support in the iNat taxonomy. All of the children of Palpatores have already been moved, so this swap would just retire the concept Palpatores and move all remaining records into Opiliones.

@loarie and @berkshirenaturalist, you guys created / edited this concept. Does this seem ok to you? Personally, as I wrote to Marshal, I'm not sure I see the purpose of inserting nodes like Palpatores. If a taxon has a zillion children, some additional categorization can be useful, but currently Opiliones only has 5 children, so I'm not sure what advantage an additional level of grouping confers other than mirroring phylogeny.

kueda on 2017-07-31 | kueda on 2017-12-12
replace with



I was working on Harvestmen this past winter and added tons of data so I don't quite recall the concept change at hand. Whichever concept inat prefers is fine with me.

Posted by berkshirenaturalist almost 2 years ago (Flag)

excellent, thanks!

Posted by mhedin almost 2 years ago (Flag)

not sure why I just recieved a notification about this now - but yes sounds fine

Posted by loarie over 1 year ago (Flag)

sounds great, thanks again!! - Marshal

Posted by mhedin over 1 year ago (Flag)

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