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Orchid mycorrhizae have a symbiotic relationships between the roots of plants of the family Orchidaceae and a variety of fungi. All orchids need this relationship at some point in their life cycle. Many adult orchids retain their fungal symbionts throughout their life, although the benefits to ...more ↓

Dwarf Snail Orchid 1
Pterostylis nana
Jug Orchid 2
Pterostylis recurva
Banded Greenhood Orchid 3
Pterostylis vittata
Red-banded Greenhood 4
Pterostylis sanguinea
Bird Orchid 5
Pterostylis barbata
240px caladenia brownii   cropped
Karri Spider Orchid 6
Caladenia brownii
240px caladenia ferruginea (2)   cropped
Rusty Spider Orchid 6
Caladenia ferruginea
King Spider Orchid 7
Caladenia pectinata
Leaping Spider Orchid 2
Caladenia macrostylis
Crab-Lipped Spider Orchid 7
Caladenia plicata
Stumpy Spider Orchid 8
Caladenia ensata
240px caladenia longiclavata   clubbed spider orchid (5020187752)
Clubbed Spider Orchid 9
Caladenia longiclavata
240px caladenia falcata 02   cropped
Fringed Mantis Orchid 6
Caladenia falcata
240px caladenia barbarossa   dragon orchid (8627065954)
Common Dragon Orchid 9
Caladenia barbarossa
Pendant Spider Orchid 10
Caladenia pendens
240px caladenia chapmanii %c3%97 polychroma 110404
Joseph's Spider Orchid 11
Caladenia polychroma
240px caladenia longicauda   king spider (2855351764)
White Spider Orchid 9
Caladenia longicauda
Zebra Orchid 7
Caladenia cairnsiana
Cowslip Orchid 12
Caladenia flava ssp. flava
Karri Cowslip Orchid 7
Caladenia flava spp. sylvestris
240px caladenia hirta rosea 02
Candy Orchid 6
Caladenia hirta ssp. hirta
15153542187 47d797dce1 m
Pink Candy Orchid 13
Caladenia hirta ssp. rosea
Little Pink Fan Orchid 7
Caladenia nana ssp nana
240px caladenia nana nana
Pink Fan Orchid 14
Caladenia nana ssp. unita
Little Pink Fairy Orchid 15
Caladenia reptans ssp. reptans
Blue China Orchid 16
Caladenia gemmata
purple enamel orchid 7
Elythranthera brunonis
Pink Enamel Orchid 7
Elythranthera emarginata
Bunny Orchid 17
Eriochilus dilatatus
240px eriochilus scaber   pink bunny orchid (7655296174)   cropped
Pink Bunny Orchid 9
Eriochilus scaber ssp. scaber
Rabbit Orchid 18
Leptoceras menziesii
14181517286 a23f31929a m
Hare Orchid 9
Leporella fimbriata
15376199542 e5c970d7a2 m
Blue Fairy Orchid 19
Pheladenia deformis
20665541856 93a5987cd9 m
Silky Blue Orchid 20
Cyanicula sericea
Leafless Orchid 21
Praecoxanthus aphyllus
Common Helmet Orchid 3
Corybas recurvus
240px cyrtostylis robusta   cropped
Mosquito Orchid 22
Cyrtostylis robusta
Slipper Orchid 7
Cryptostylis ovata
Rattle Beaks 7
Lyperanthus serratus
Red Beaks 23
Pyrorchis nigricans
15292887365 1041f5032a m
Late Hammer Orchid 20
Drakaea confluens
240px drakaea glyptodon
King-in-his-carriage Orchid 24
Drakaea glyptodon
7962264810 17b8214f53 m
Slender Hammer Orchid 9
Drakaea gracilis
Warty Hammer Orchid 3
Drakaea livida
8008282587 274f123eb5 m
Narrow-lipped Hammer Orchid 20
Drakaea thynniphila
240px caleana nigrita (31191468330)   cropped
Flying Duck Orchid 25
Caleana nigrita
Tall Leek Orchid 4
Prasophyllum elatum
240px prasophyllum parvifolium (35843729292)   cropped
Autumn Leek Orchid 9
Prasophyllum parvifolium
King Leek Orchid 3
Prasophyllum regium
Swamp Mignonette Orchid 4
Microtis atrata
240px microtis media (6724955107)
Common Mignonette Orchid 26
Microtis media ssp media
Dark Mignonette Orchid 27
Microtis orbicularis
11168428763 88161dd963 m
Lemon-Scented Sun Orchid 29
Thelymitra antennifera
240px thelymitra benthamiana (15765535105)
Leopard Orchid 9
Thelymitra benthamiana
240px thelymitra crinita (6725026393)
Blue Lady Orchid 26
Thelymitra crinita
Shy Sun Orchid 7
Thelymitra graminea
Scented Sun Orchid 7
Thelymitra macrophylla
Western Azure Sun Orchid 30
Thelymitra occidentalis
Custard Orchid 1
Thelymitra villosa
240px diuris decrementa   cropped
Common Bee Orchid 6
Diuris decrementa
Bee Orchid 31
Diuris laxiflora
Purple Pansy Orchid 7
Diuris longifolia
240px diuris setacea   bristly donkey orchid (8035569990)   cropped
Bristly Donkey Orchid 9
Diuris setacea

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