Orchid Watch Porongurup

Orchid mycorrhizae have a symbiotic relationships between the roots of plants of the family Orchidaceae and a variety of fungi. All orchids need this relationship at some point in their life cycle. Many adult orchids retain their fungal symbionts throughout their life, although the benefits to ...more ↓

Dwarf Snail Orchid 1
Pterostylis nana
Jug Orchid 2
Pterostylis recurva
Banded Greenhood Orchid 3
Pterostylis vittata
Red-banded Greenhood 4
Pterostylis sanguinea
Bird Orchid 5
Pterostylis barbata
Karri Spider Orchid 6
Caladenia brownii
Rusty Spider Orchid 6
Caladenia ferruginea
King Spider Orchid 7
Caladenia pectinata
Leaping Spider Orchid 2
Caladenia macrostylis
Crab-Lipped Spider Orchid 7
Caladenia plicata
Stumpy Spider Orchid 8
Caladenia ensata
Clubbed Spider Orchid 9
Caladenia longiclavata
Fringed Mantis Orchid 6
Caladenia falcata
Common Dragon Orchid 9
Caladenia barbarossa
Pendant Spider Orchid 10
Caladenia pendens
Joseph's Spider Orchid 11
Caladenia polychroma
White Spider Orchid 9
Caladenia longicauda
Zebra Orchid 7
Caladenia cairnsiana
Cowslip Orchid 12
Caladenia flava ssp. flava
Karri Cowslip Orchid 7
Caladenia flava spp. sylvestris
Candy Orchid 6
Caladenia hirta ssp. hirta
Pink Candy Orchid 13
Caladenia hirta ssp. rosea
Little Pink Fan Orchid 7
Caladenia nana ssp nana
Pink Fan Orchid 14
Caladenia nana ssp. unita
Little Pink Fairy Orchid 15
Caladenia reptans ssp. reptans
Blue China Orchid 16
Caladenia gemmata
purple enamel orchid 7
Elythranthera brunonis
Pink Enamel Orchid 7
Elythranthera emarginata
Bunny Orchid 17
Eriochilus dilatatus
Pink Bunny Orchid 9
Eriochilus scaber ssp. scaber
Rabbit Orchid 18
Leptoceras menziesii
Hare Orchid 9
Leporella fimbriata
Blue Fairy Orchid 19
Pheladenia deformis
Silky Blue Orchid 20
Cyanicula sericea
Leafless Orchid 21
Praecoxanthus aphyllus
Common Helmet Orchid 3
Corybas recurvus
Mosquito Orchid 22
Cyrtostylis robusta
Slipper Orchid 7
Cryptostylis ovata
Rattle Beaks 7
Lyperanthus serratus
Red Beaks 23
Pyrorchis nigricans
Late Hammer Orchid 20
Drakaea confluens
King-in-his-carriage Orchid 24
Drakaea glyptodon
Slender Hammer Orchid 9
Drakaea gracilis
Warty Hammer Orchid 3
Drakaea livida
Narrow-lipped Hammer Orchid 20
Drakaea thynniphila
Flying Duck Orchid 25
Caleana nigrita
Tall Leek Orchid 4
Prasophyllum elatum
Autumn Leek Orchid 9
Prasophyllum parvifolium
King Leek Orchid 3
Prasophyllum regium
Swamp Mignonette Orchid 4
Microtis atrata
Common Mignonette Orchid 26
Microtis media ssp media
Dark Mignonette Orchid 27
Microtis orbicularis
Lemon-Scented Sun Orchid 29
Thelymitra antennifera
Leopard Orchid 9
Thelymitra benthamiana
Blue Lady Orchid 26
Thelymitra crinita
Shy Sun Orchid 7
Thelymitra graminea
Scented Sun Orchid 7
Thelymitra macrophylla
Western Azure Sun Orchid 30
Thelymitra occidentalis
Custard Orchid 1
Thelymitra villosa
Common Bee Orchid 6
Diuris decrementa
Bee Orchid 31
Diuris laxiflora
Purple Pansy Orchid 7
Diuris longifolia
Bristly Donkey Orchid 9
Diuris setacea

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