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August 04, 2017

NYBG EcoQuest, August 2017 – Monarchs and Milkweeds

See the first NYBG EcoQuest -- Monarchs and Milkweeds

I just posted a photo of a Bug on a Milkweed and @fernandowagner already confirmed the id of the Bug. I also used the observation field to indicate that the Bug was visiting the Milkweed. Now that this observation is Research Grade, that interaction will soon be uploaded to GLoBI, the Global Biotic Interactions database and the plant record will be uploaded to GBIF, the Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

These data will be used for research and conservation to preserve biodiversity and habitats. You can help.

How many Milkweeds and Milkweed/Animal interactions can you observe?

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August 14, 2017

NYBG EcoQuest - August 2017 - Week Two

Monarchs and Milkweeds

Stats for August 1–14

Observations: 222 (there were 49 Milkweed related observations in all of 2016)
Plants: 124 (6 species)
Animals: 98 (8 species)
Places: Bronx: 155; Brooklyn: 11; Manhattan: 43; Queens: 3; Staten Island: 11
People: 40: @dottiew: 19; @ansel_oommen: 17; @plnthunter22: 15; @danielatha: 15;
@tmcondeza: 13

Great job on the insects! Let's try to find a few more Milkweed species.

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