Land Snails and Slugs of San Francisco


I'm working with Neil Fahy to put together this guide as a pilot for the Biodiversity Oral History Project, and effort to record and distill the unwritten knowledge of expert naturalists through discussion and guide building.

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Banana Slugs 1
California Lancetooth 2
Haplotrema minimum
Haplotrema duranti ssp. continentis 3
Haplotrema duranti continentis
Northwest Striate 4
Striatura pugetensis
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Garlic Snail 5
Oxychilus alliarius
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Cellar Snail 6
Oxychilus cellarius
240px oxychilus draparnaudi 2
Draparnaud's Glass-snail 7
Oxychilus draparnaudi
Milky Crystal-snail 4
Vitrea contracta
10962 260 190
Orchid Snail 8
Zonitoides arboreus
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Milk Snail 9
Otala lactea
240px helix aspersa nl2a
Garden Snail 10
Helix aspersa
Bronze shoulderband 11
Helminthoglypta arrosa
21355 260 190
Eccentric Grass-snail 20
Vallonia excentrica
21473 260 190
Herald-snail 21
Carychium minimum
Reticulate Taildropper 11
Prophysaon andersoni
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Garden Slug 22
Arion hortensis
41986 260 190
Hedgehog Slug 23
Arion intermedius
Greenhouse Slug 25
Ambigolimax valentianus
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Yellow Slug 26
Limax flavus
31874 260 190
Leopard Slug 27
Limax maximus
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Marsh Slug 28
Deroceras laeve
59805 260 190
Brown Field Slug 29
Deroceras panormitanum
Milky Slug 30
Deroceras reticulatum
2676826863 e5d68fcb0a m
Jet Slug 31
Milax gagates

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