June 29, 2020

Pennsylvania Programs, Surveys & Organizations*

Entomological Society of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program

Pennsylvania Amphibian & Reptile Survey

Pennsylvania iMap Invasives

Pennsylvania Biological Survey

*list is continually updated

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Book: Aquatic Entomology

This book is apparently no longer in print...and thus, the booksellers of the internet are charging ridiculous, outlandish prices for it. Ho hum.

500 pages are available FREE on Google Books...

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June 23, 2020

Notes on iNat Activity This Month

This month I embarked on a time-consuming, tedious project: adding nearly 2,000 observations to my iNat account. I began by reviewing all of the photographs taken after 2009 - in other words, after my battle with breast cancer. In 2009 I began taking a lot of long walks with my four-year-old son on the days I didn't feel terrible. 😞 After my 2010 recovery I fully embraced nature photography and nature study...

Admittedly, the majority of those early photographs are not fine quality nor particularly useful for identifying some taxa - ferns, fungi, lichens - but I have benefited greatly by adding them to my iNat Observations.

In most cases my photographs - even the low quality ones - have received some level of species identification (thanks to the wonderful iNat Community); quite a few attained Research Grade.

Currently I am documenting/surveying the flora, fauna and fungi observed within my own 6,686 square foot property in south-central Pennsylvania. While most of the images are uploaded as Casual observations, b/c they are cultivated plants, many of those cultivated plants are in fact, U.S./PA native species and will serve (hopefully) as useful pictorial references.

I hope to complete my historical archive project soon...and my focus will return to current observations; paying closer attention to how I photograph a subject, highlighting details that aid in identification. 😊

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June 15, 2020


The Love Bugs (Trailer)

The Love Bugs (Trailer) from Jackson House Films on Vimeo.

Screening info: www.thelovebugsfilm.com

Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf (Trailer)

Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf documentary trailer from Thomas Piper on Vimeo.

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June 03, 2020

GUIDE :: Fuzzy Oak Galls

Adding this link here...to reference when I'm trying to identify fuzzy oak galls on North American Oaks.


A guide created by @megachile on Fuzzy Galls on North American Oaks (not including CA).

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May 24, 2020

Archive Project (Summer 2009 - Fall 2011)

I began reviewing my images from mid-summer 2009 through September 2011. Most images were made in south-central Pennsylvania with a couple along the Atlantic seashore.

This post will serve as a summary of my observations, organized by location:

--Two Gates--

Pennsylvania grass spider
brown marmorated stink bug (nymph)
hibiscus sawfly larvae on Rose of Sharon
asian ladybird (eggs, beetle, copulation)
Pennsylvania leatherwing (copulation)
cicada (emerging)
eastern tiger swallowtail (male)
Cooper's hawk (juvenile)
leopard slug (eggs)
mourning dove
varied carpet beetle (on yarrow)
ground elder/goutweed/bishop's weed
red admiral caterpillar on stonecrop 'John Creech'
water striders (introduced)
12-spotted skimmer
ground cherry
digger wasp
cottontail rabbit (young)
wood louse hunter
land snail
ants (with eggs)
ladybird beetle eggs
orchard spider
fragile forktail damselfly
dragonfly naiad
grapeleaf skeletonizer moth
milkweed beetle
common slider
bird's nest fungi

--Mom's House--

hackberry emperor butterfly nectaring on butterfly bush
robin's nest (four eggs)
gilled mushroom
hummingbird moth
robber fly
common buckeye

--Lebanon County--

common snapping turtle

--Wildwood Lake--

porcelain gray (moth)
chrysalis (unidentified)
aphids on Joe-Pye
long-jawed spider
aquatic snails
praying mantid
dame's rocket (invasive)
great blue heron

--Bellaire Woods--

orange mycena
gilled mushrooms

--Quittapahilla Creek--

northern water snake
box elder (bud burst)
maple bladder gall mite
garter snake
miscellaneous fungi
jumping spider

--Hummel Nature Trail--


--Ricketts Glen State Park (Northern PA)--

mallard (female)
british soldier lichen
yellow fly agaric

--Middle Creek--

snow geese
tundra swans

--Stone Harbor (NJ)--

hermit crab

--Virginia Seashore--

lady crab

--The Cabin (Northern PA)--

meadow fritillary
red eft
moss ball

--Choptank River--

sea nettles

--Maryland Seashore--

Asian shore crab

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May 19, 2020

Archive Project

While I've been using iNaturalist for about a year and a half, I do so infrequently. I've decided to begin a new project -- browsing my photo archive from 2009 to present, seeking images to add to my Observations.

I'm adding a few a day & hope to eventually collect a plentiful Life List of species I have photographed over the past decade. We'll see how it goes...

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