December 04, 2019


I did not hesitate to donate $10 to help with iNaturalist. It is worth more than that to me, but if everyone would pitch in, I am sure it would help.

Keep up the good work!

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October 14, 2018

Pollinator BioBlitz helps to save puppy!

While going out on a BioBlitz walk to gather more pollinators, I came across a little scared and cold puppy that was curled up in a ball in some grass alongside the access road to an interstate highway. I was just about to take a photo of some dayflowers, when I saw the puppy.

Not having a place to keep the little guy, I had to call animal control to come get him. He was shaking, scared, and would not get up so I thought he might be injured. When the man from animal control came, he said "this dog doesn't look right and may have rabies". I was devastated! He got my number and said I may get a call from the health department in case I touched him. It was hard not to touch him because he was an adorable little puppy that was scared and alone. My friend who deals with lost dogs everyday checked on the puppy today and found that he has an owner! Hurray! The owner needs to bring in his rabies shots records and then they can pick him up tomorrow. I can't tell you how happy that made me! Well, anyway, if not for the BioBlitz, this little puppy may not have been recovered and brought back to his home!

Yea for the BioBlitz!

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Pollinator BioBlitz

I look forward to the Pollinator BioBlitz every year! It is so much fun when you get a photo of something you have never seen before!

What amazes me the most is that in just an hour of BioBlitzing, you can observe and document so many different species!

Biodiversity is one of my favorite words!


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